Available here.
This release has a really small changeset.

HeadShake and REP integration

The real news is that starting from this version HeadShake will integrate with REP (once we release the v1.0.2 version).

This is a first integration between the two modules and it’s kind of simple. REP will drive the engine vibrations model of HeadShake in a way different than the default one (which is a “generic” vibration simply based on the RPMs). This will allow REP to simulate the engine vibrations of the TSIO-520 (currently on board the T210M) basing on the real life data.
In the future, the different engines simulated by REP will give you different feedbacks! 🙂

This update doens’t bring any change in how you operate HeadShake (no changes in the menu, for example). Once REP v1.0.2 is out, just update HeadShake and REP, and magically it will start driving the POV onboard the Cessna Centurion.
Also, this update won’t affect the behavior of HeadShake with other “Non-REP” planes. It will work better than ever with every aircraft you load in X-Plane.

Other fixes

In this release we have done some bug fixes. The main one corrected a bug that precluded some joystick to work when used as view controllers.

HeadShake v1.5 available for download
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