After the release of the first REP package we took a little time to rest.
It was so little that few days after releasing v1.0.1 we started working on the new site, on new REP and HeadShake features and on a new plane!
And no, I won’t disclose wich plane is. ;-).

So, what’s goin on? Here’s a list.

HeadShake and REP integration
We’re working to make HeadShake and REP work together. It’s a pretty simple concept: since HeadShake can simulate the engine vibrations and the ground bumps and since those things are related to the engine and airplane you’re flying, why don’t make REP to drive HeadShake?
Adding this feature to HeadShake will provide a lot more realism. For example, the engine will vibrate more on particular cruise settings or during takeoff run!

Improved ground handling in the Reality Expansion Pack
In the first REP release we focused mainly on the flight dynamics. This means that we didn’t hook up too much with the ground handling of the plane. In fact, there were too many things to improve in the default ground handling that we decided to postpone it until the next major update.
One of the things we decided to improve is the ground handling in cross wind conditions.
X-Plane makes the airplane steer by itself over the wind even when the wind speed in just 2kts! With REP this awful behavior will just go away.
Also, we completely redesigned the spring-loaded nose wheel used by the C210 into a super realistic simulation of the real spring loaded steering wheel that fits many Cessnas.

A new airplane is on the way
We’re working hard on the next airplane. All the mentioned REP and HeadShake features will come with it.
Also, few days after the new airplane is released, we will update the current Centurion package with the new REP version. This means that the Centurion users will get the latest REP version for the C210 with all the new features we’re working on!

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