It’s exactly two weeks that the Reality Expansion Pack v1.0.0 has been released. Basing on the feedbacks we had from users, we built a REP update that fixes some bugs and add new features.
The update is being shipped to’s store and SimMarket so it should be available in few hours.
Here you get a list of the new features, a list of the fixes and the installation instructions.

New Features

  1. More realistic failures: many of you reported that the failures were too “digital”, meaning that a failure was surely happening if the pilot did not act correctly. This was particularly true for the avionics failures. Now the failures are more realistic and happen, for example, only after a system has reached a certain level of wear.
  2. In flight tips: This is a direct conseguence of the point above. How can you learn the right procedures if a failure does not happen has soon as you do something wrong? To help you, REP shows a message every time you are not acting correctly. This will be a good help in learning the correct things to do and avoid any kind of failure. Like the failure messages, the tips can be disabled in the settings window.
  3. Reduced roll effect: X-Plane is well known to simulate an exaggerated roll moment on propeller aircrafts. REP now fixes it while keeping the torque and the other realistic propeller effects intact.
    Note: This feature can be disabled in the settings window. If you disable it, the aileron trim is activatet to let you fly the aircraft without too much hassle (even if the real C210 does not have the aileron trim at all).
  4. More realistic flooded engine behavior: Doing the correct “un-flood” procedure (full throttle, closed mixture and crank the engine) may result in an actual engine start, even if the mixture is closed.
  5. Hangar window refinements: The engine model is shown at the top of the window and the oil color is rendered as an actual color.
  6. About menu: Added the “About” menu to let the users check which version of REP is installed in their system


  1. Sometimes, the joystick mixture axis was not correctly recognized.
  2. Cranking a running engine does not reduce the engine’s RPM anymore.
  3. Cranking a running engine does not cause an avionics failure anymore.
  4. The pilot altimeter’s barometer was rendered incorrectly.
  5. The propeller joystick axis was not working as expected.
  6. The oil pressure was too high during flight.
  7. Minor changes to improve performance and correct typos.

How to install the REP update

Updating the package is pretty simple: just copy the package files in the aircraft’s folder, then run X-Plane. The Reality Expansion Pack will recognize it has been updated and it will complete the update procedure by itself.
For Mac users: Pay attention to not replace the “airfoils” and “plugins” folder. You should rather merge the package’s “airfoils” and “plugins” folder with the existing ones in the aircraft’s folder.

REP update: v1.0.1
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