I was about to write a post about the oil system but then I stopped and decided to show you something more about the startup procedure simulated in REP.
In the last days we worked on the startup and shutdown dynamics once more to improve their physics.

The priming in REP

I’ve already wrote something about priming in my last post.
In the video at the bottom of the post you can see (and hear) how the new physics of REP affects X-Plane 10 during the startup and shutdown of the engine.
Please notice that the first priming is longer than the next ones. Since the fuel lines are empty at first, the first priming needs to be longer than the others to fill them. Then, if you shut down the engine when it’s still cold, you will need to prime it again but less than the first time since the fuel lines are already filled with fuel.
If the engine is warm you will need a very little priming before cranking the engine.

The fuselage vibrations

When the engine is vibrating at startup and shutdown, it can reach the resonance frequency of the fuselage. It means that it is shaking at a specific frequency that propagates and amplifies through the fuselage. This same behavior is simulated in REP. In the video you can hear the shaking sounds more clearly at shutdown.
Also, if you are using HeadShake you will hit the maximum realism as the fuselage is really shaken up. 😉

REP: Every startup is different
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