Headshake is not adding any camera effect to my X-Plane

First of all, make sure that Headshake is shown in plugins admin. If it’s not, make sure you installed it correctly as shown in this FAQ: https://www.simcoders.com/faqs/headshake-is-not-shown-in-the-plugins-list/ Then, make sure that none of your devices (joysticks, yokes, etc.) repeatedly calls

The avionics and fuel pump switches do not work

This is usually caused by an incorrect installation. Be sure to: Remove the aircraft folder from X-Plane “Aircrafts” folder Reinstall the aircraft either using the original zip from the store (if Carenado) or X-Plane installer (if default Laminar aircraft) Install

I get the “Error loading the aircraft package” message

This problem may happen after an update if your previous REP installation was somewhat corrupted. This may happen especially if you are updating from v2.2.0 to v2.2.1. To solve this problem, remove the folder of your REP airplane from X-Plane’s