Ahoy pilots! This update is of interest for all of you!

Version 2.6.2 targets all the Reality Expansion Pack aircraft released so far. It introduces the new custom propeller governor plus some minor fixes.
If you’re a REP customer, you get this update for free. You can download it from the store where you bought the package.

Custom Propeller Governor

Version 2.6.0 introduced this feature in the Baron. With this update, the new governor spreads to the other airplanes too.

The main advantages of having a custom governor versus using X-Plane default one is that we can better simulate the inertia and overspeed behavior of the propeller.
Now, you can temporary overspeed the propeller if you throw the throttle to the firewall, like in reality. The default governor was too slow to behave this way.
Moreover, the default governor had some minor issues such a temporary escessive overtorque of the engine.

New state-file names

REP saves the state of the airplane in custom *.prf files stored in the output/preferences directory of X-Plane.
With the old state-file names system, it was difficult to identify which file related to a specific livery. This could be a major issue for you if you installed a custom livery in your aircraft.

Now the state files have the livery ID in their name so they are easier to identify.
REP automatically converts the older names to the new ones so no extra work is required on your side.

Complete changelog

  1. Custom Propeller Governor (new to the F33/V35/C210 – already provided to the Baron with v2.6.0)
  2. Improved flight dynamics at high speed (C210 only)
  3. New gyros sound (C210 only)
  4. Fixed the propeller de-ice current drain (both Bonanzas)
  5. The state file of each livery is now saved with a mnemonic name in order to be easily identified (all airplanes)
  6. Minor fixes/performance optimizations  (all airplanes)
REP updates to v2.6.2
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