If you’re flying with the Reality Expansion Pack, please read this note. It will help you improving the flight model of your aircraft.

A REP pilot contacted us because his F33A was literally bouncing and jittering around the airport. He was completely unable to use the airplane.
Figuring out what it was required time and patience but, in the end, we found out that the problem was within his “Flight models per frame” setting under X-Plane’s “Operations & Warnings” menu. Here’s the window I’m talking about.

To improve the flight model, make sure that the number in "Flight models per frame" is at least "2"
Operations & Warning Window.

The “Flight models per frame” value is related to the number of times the flight model is computed for each frame.
Older X-Plane versions used to have this number set to “1”. Newer versions use “2” by default.
If you installed X-Plane long time ago and went through all the updates, maybe you still have it set to 1.

It turned out that if you set this number to “1”, not only the REP plane will likely jitter around the airport, but you will experience a bogus flight model that does not represent at all the work we did on it.
Since the flight model introduced by the Reality Expansion Pack is truly realistic, it requires at least 2 computations per frame.

So, if you want to be sure that your Cessna C210 or Beech Bonanza is flying well, check that your “Flight models number” is at least 2.

Check your “flight models per frame”!
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