We’re very happy and proud to release the Reality Expansion Pack for Carenado’s Bonanza F33A.
It took hours and hours of work but finally we can say it’s ready.
It’s packed with all the things that made the same package for the C210 that famous.

We made up a video that shows the main features of this new package (showing them all would require a three hours long video!).

You can find the complete list of features (and the pilot’s manual) at the product’s page.
There are some things that you should not miss here! Like:

  • The walkaround
  • The towing
  • A custom damages system
  • Real flight and ground dynamics
  • A fully simulated TCM IO-520-BB
  • Real procedures
  • Real takeoff, cruise, landing and stall speeds
  • Real weight and balance
  • Some more other amazing stuff 🙂

This is version 2.0.2 so it’s a step forward over the current version published for the C210. Over v2.0.1 we improved the CHT and the Oil Temp physics as well as the touchdown dynamics and some other minor things under the hood.
Of course, v2.0.2 will come for the C210 soon.

So what are the peculiar points of the Bo over the C210?
Mainly all goes down to three things: the engine, the CG and the manoeuvrability.

You will find that the TCM IO-520-BB engine does not want to run oversquare. That is a huge difference from the C210.
Both aircrafts have the same IO-520 engine but the one on the C210 is turbocharged and has a lower compression ratio. This means that on the C210 you will likely fly oversquare all the time.
On the Bonanza you will fly squared or undersquare for the entire flight (takeoff excluded).

On the C210 you don’t have any center of gravity issue. The fuel tanks are exactly over the C.G. so burning fuel won’t change the C.G. position.
On the Bonanza the things are different. While the fuel burns down the C.G. moves aft. That means that you must carefully check you landing C.G. before takeoff, especially before long flights.

The Bonanza flies like a fighter compared to the C210. It’s really easy to takeoff and land. Its manoeuvrability is stunning!

I wrote a post some time ago were I did put all these things together: C210 vs F33A

The Reality Expansion Pack for the Bonanza F33A is available
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