This is the third and last tutorial on how to fly the Cessna Centurion powered with the Reality Expansion Pack.


There are some different rules of thumb on how to calculate the Top of Descent (or TOD, that is, the point at which you should start descending to your destination). My favourites are here:

The integrated Garmin 430 does also provide a tool to calculate the Top of Descent. You choose the one that fit your needs.

On the Centurion the descent is never done steep. This is because of two factors:

  1. The Centurion accelerates easily, even with power off.
  2. It is important to keep the engine warm. A steep descent would lead you to reduce the power  to its minimum while still having an high airspeed that would cool the engine way too much.

That said, descent at 500 ft/min with cowl flaps closed and everything should work out well. Remember to adjust the mixture once every 1000 ft.

Never (ever) use the landing gear as an airbrake.


Ok, here comes the more complex part of the flight.

Make sure to enter the pattern (or the approach procedure) at the right speed and altitude. If you’re too fast, you will mess up the landing.

It’s ok to enter the pattern just above the white arc, at about 120kts (less would be better, anyway). Slow down a bit and lower the flaps to the first notch then lower the gear.

Do not lower the gear while turning base or you will bend the gear doors. Always raise or lower the landing gear in straight flight.

Do not lower the gear above 120kts, even if the POH gives 140kts as Vlo.

After turning base lower the flaps to the second notch, then turn final and set full flaps.

On final make your GUMPS checks (Gas, Undercarriage, Mixture, Propeller, Switches) then aim for 72kts over the fence.

Do a gentle touch down and then apply the brakes gently if needed. It’s ok to brake for 2-3 seconds then release the brakes for another 2-3 seconds, then reapply the brakes and so on. This will allow the brakes to cool as needed.

Congratulations! You just made your first perfect flight with the REP Cessna Centurion!

REP Centurion How To: Descent and Landing
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