In the previous post we published a tutorial on how to turn the engine on and then takeoff with the Cessna Centurion.
Now, let’s see how to climb and cruise to your destination with the T210M.


While climbing it’s important to check the CHT and the Oil Temperature.

In the previous tutorial I told you to climb at the Vy (97kts) after takeoff. That’s ok if you don’t need to climb to high altitudes.

Since the TSIO-520 is packed inside a relatively small cowling it tends to run hotter than expected. To provide the correct cooling while going up to high altitudes accelerate to 110-120kts. Together with the fully opened cowl flaps , the increased airflow provides better cooling to the engine.

Another tip: in hot weather, fly without leaning the mixture as long as possible. The increased fuel flow helps to keep the engine cool.

Anyway, you will reach the point where you need to lean the mixture to let the engine run smooth.

Remember that the climb is done 100°F ROP (Rich Of Peak). That means that you have to lean the mixture while keeping an eye on the EGT indicator. Once reached the EGT peak, enrich the mixture again to let the EGT decrease of about 100°F (2 notches on the EGT indicator).

If you are climbing fast on a hot day, you may experience a fuel flow fluctuation. In this case turn on the electric fuel pump until the fuel flow is stable.

Above 12000 feet switch on the oxygen supply. To do that, look at the cockpit roof. There are the oxygen quantity indicator and the oxygen supply lever.
Move the lever forward to start supplying oxygen to you and your passengers.
The oxygen supply may last more or less, depending on the number of people you loaded in the airplane. The more people on board the less the oxygen will last.
Use the table reported in the hangar view to see how much the oxygen will last depending on the number of people on board.


At cruise altitude reduce the MAP and the RPMs to the desired settings (look at the performance tables provided with the kneeboard). Any setting you choose is good as long as you keep both the RPMs and the MAP in the green arcs.

The TSIO-520 runs pretty smooth between 2300 and 2400 RPMs.

Lean the mixture to 50°F ROP, control the CHT using the cowl flaps and enjoy the view!

REP Centurion How To: Climb and Cruise
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