I want to explain a little bit how REP is developed and what we plan for the next months.
We are at something like the 50-60% of the REP development and we have written more than 12.000 lines of code.
It’s a lot of time that we started this project and so I think you should know why you have to wait so much for it to be ready.

The REP development

As I said in my other posts, REP is not only a plugin but a set of flight dynamics, sounds and, of course, C++ code.
In the past months we created a robust codebase that, if correctly configured, can simulate almost any mechanical part of any aircraft.
Basing on our personal experience as developers and real life pilots, our efforts were spent to provide a deeply modular code structure made of something like LEGO® bricks. We can now add, remove and modify parts of the system on the fly.
Also, a modular system allows us to easily test every component outside X-Plane, using a bunch of automated tests that ensure that everything is working as expected.
Our plan is to have a first version of the software that can be upgraded fast, adding more bricks in order to provide more features.

No aircraft is like another

There’s no way to get an accurate simulation of every airplane with just one software without a very precise configuration.
Let’s be clear: REP will work with one plane at a time. It means that we will release REP for, let’s say, the Cessna 172, then we will release (after few months) the PA28 and so on.
This means that REP will not automatically work with every airplane that you load in the sim because the sim itself does not provide enough information about the airplane you are using.
For example, if the airplane is powered with a turbocharged engine, wich kind of turbocharger it is? How does its wastegate work? Simply we don’t get this information in the sim so we need to configure the systems for each plane we want to fly with REP.
The need for a very deep system configuration requires a lot of attention to details thus it take a lot of time.


  • We’re working very hard
  • Releasing the first aircraft will take much time
  • Releasing the other aircrafts will take much less time

    See you soon!

    REP development: from devs to sim pilots
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