The Reality Expansion Pack is going to provide many features to X-Plane 10. In the other posts I’ve told you about the engine. Since REP goes a long way over the “simple” and “uncomplex” engine simulation, now I want to tell you more about some of the other systems.

The landing gear

The landing gear is simulated not only through its physics but also through a variety of sounds.
When you touch down you hear wich tire touches first thanks to the provided stereo sounds.
Also, a landing gear may affects the wind sounds. On the C210 you will hear the difference between fliying with the gear up rather than the gear down.

A Cessna 210M retracting the landing gear
A Cessna 210M retracting the landing gear

Also remember that, on some planes, actuating the landing gear may affect the drag. On the C210M, for example, the gear valves open while operating the landing gear. Also, the landing gear rotates while being retracted or extended. This creates a lot of drag while the landing gear is going up or down so you have to keep a little bit of speed after takeoff before retracting the landing gear.
The drag feeling is even more strong on a plane like the C172RG where you don’t have a powerful engine.

The braking system

Speaking of the landing gear, there’s also something else to say about it: usually it’s provided with a braking system.
The brakes are modelled so the warmer they are, the less they brake. Also, you can hear them squeaking when at low speeds.
The best way to brake on a General Aviation airplane is to press the brakes for few seconds then release them. After few seconds repeat this operation. This will allow the brakes to cool down.
Sometimes, if you have enough runway available, you may also let the plane roll and speed down by itself.

The latest releases of X-Plane 10 now support the spring loaded nosewheel steering. This really enhances the realism of the ground behavior of many Cessnas, such the C210, requiring to use the differential brakes to steer the plane while on ground.

REP: Landing gear and brakes
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