Few days ago, the guys from stickandrudderstudios.com asked me to make the plugin more compatible with other addons. I think that’s a good idea beacause a better integration with other plugins (yeah, TrackIr too) is just a simple way to advertise X-Plane in the flight simulation world.

With v1.3, developers will benefit of some public datarefs that provide some useful data about the camera position calculated by HeadShake. All the public datarefs are published in the Dataref Eeditor plugin so you can easily see how they work.

These are the custom datarefs published by HeadShake:

simcoders/headshake/offset_x,float,no,The X offset of the camera
simcoders/headshake/offset_y,float,no,The Y offset of the camera
simcoders/headshake/offset_z,float,no,The Z offset of the camera
simcoders/headshake/offset_yaw,float,no,The camera yaw (0-360°)
simcoders/headshake/offset_pitch,float,no,The camera pitch (0-360°)
simcoders/headshake/offset_roll,float,no,The camera roll (0-360°)
simcoders/headshake/override,int,yes,Set to 1 to pervent HeadShake to command the camera position. The plugin’s public datarefs are still updated.

So, if you want to create your own camera plugin and benefit of the effects provided by HeadShake, just set the override dataref to 1, then read the camera offsets and use them in your own code.

That’s it!

HeadShake updates to v1.3 and opens to new developers
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