Let’s go to the point: many of you have asked for a touchdown effect.

I didn’t include it at first in the plugin because in a real airplane you get the “touchdown effect” only if you do a very hard landing. In this case the g-force effect (already included in HeadShake) can largely overcome the problem of showing how hard the landing was.

Anyway, many people asked for a different touchdown effect – based mainly on the vertical speed – which shows a small bounce even during a normal landing. So here it is!

You can enable or disable it and set its responsiveness in the settings menu, just like any other effect of HeadShake.
As it’s based on the vertical speed at touchdown, the harder is the landing, the higher the effect applied by HeadShake.

How long should we wait before the final release is ready?
I’m doing some major refinements to the code and more testing on Mac (thanks to Cekko).
The refinements include a better ground roll effect, a more realistic g-force effect, some minor improvements to the settings menu and some fixes.
I’m trying to make it ready for Xmas!

Touchdown effect coming to HeadShake
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