Reality Expansion Pack v2.1
for Carenado’s Cessna Centurion

It adds a damages system, a maintenance hangar, a walkaround, realistic flight dynamics and everything you always wanted to have in X-Plane.


Reality Expansion Pack v2.1
for Carenado’s Beech Bonanza

Improves Carenado’s F33A with a damages system, a maintenance hangar, real flight dynamics, a complete IO-520 engine simulation and a lot more!


HeadShake Plugin

The freeware camera plugin that adds G-Force, engine vibrations, ground roll and many more other effects to X-Plane.

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  • The Reality Expansion Pack v2.1 is now available

    Winter won’t catch you up anymore with this new update! With v2.1 we finally added the Engine Preheating System that will help you warm up the engine before start and a Winterization Kit that will keep it warm right after.

  • Heads up! Winter is here!

    When operating in cold weather, it’s better to not turn on the engine if it has not been warmed up before. The IO-520 may not even turn on when the temperature is below 3-4 °C (37-39 °F).
    If you manage to make it start, you may damage it. The CHT would rise too much is a short period of time. Nevertheless, the oil would be too thick to lubricate the engine.
    But…we have a solution for that!

  • Help us to help them

    This post won’t be about X-Plane nor aviation in general. It is about us and a choice that was in the air since the very beginning of the project. I’m very thankful to everyone who partecipates to our projects:

What pilots say about REP

Fantastic product and compares very well with A2A which is something I have missed from FSX as well as what DCS do for their study sim aircraft.


It is amazing. Finally, for the first time in any of my simulator experiences, I actually feel the plane is a delicate thing that I must fly properly and with proper power management lest it will break. No more thinking "It's's not like the plane is REALLY going to break". Now it does.


For the first time ever, I care about properly warming up my engine, about reading and following all those tables in the pilot's handbook, and a multitude of other things.