Reality Expansion Pack
for Carenado’s Cessna Centurion

It simulates the turbo engine, the landing gear operation, the electrical system and many other real features of the C210.


HeadShake Plugin

The freeware camera plugin that adds G-Force, engine vibrations, ground roll and many more other effects to X-Plane.



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Latest Posts

  • REP Centurion How To: Startup and Takeoff

    The first part of the Centurion How To: Startup and Takeoff.

  • What’s up at

    After the release of the first REP package we took a little time to rest.
    It was so little that few days after releasing v1.0.1 we started working on the new site, on new REP and HeadShake features and on a new plane

  • REP update: v1.0.1

    Basing on the feedbacks we had from users, we built a REP update that fixes some bugs and add new features. This is the result of a hard work done in less than two weeks.

What pilots say about REP

It is amazing. Finally, for the first time in any of my simulator experiences, I actually feel the plane is a delicate thing that I must fly properly and with proper power management lest it will break. No more thinking "It's's not like the plane is REALLY going to break". Now it does.


Fantastic product and compares very well with A2A which is something I have missed from FSX as well as what DCS do for their study sim aircraft.