HeadShake updates to v1.3 and opens to new developers

Few days ago, the guys from stickandrudderstudios.com asked me to make the plugin more compatible with other addons. I think that’s a good idea beacause a better integration with other plugins (yeah, TrackIr too) is just a simple way to advertise X-Plane in the flight simulation world.

With v1.3, developers will benefit of some public datarefs that provide some useful data about the camera position calculated by HeadShake. All the public datarefs are published in the Dataref Eeditor plugin so you can easily see how they work.

These are the custom datarefs published by HeadShake:

Dataref Type Writable Description
simcoders/headshake/offset_x float no The X offset of the camera
simcoders/headshake/offset_y float no The Y offset of the camera
simcoders/headshake/offset_z float no The Z offset of the camera
simcoders/headshake/offset_yaw float no The camera yaw (0-360°)
simcoders/headshake/offset_pitch float no The camera pitch (0-360°)
simcoders/headshake/offset_roll float no The camera roll (0-360°)
simcoders/headshake/override int yes Set to 1 to pervent HeadShake to command the camera position. The plugin's public datarefs are still updated.

So, if you want to create your own camera plugin and benefit of the effects provided by HeadShake, just set the override dataref to 1, then read the camera offsets and use them in your own code.

That’s it!

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HeadShake 1.2 and some news

HeadShake 1.2

After a long time out of sight, the build of HeadShake 1.2 is ready. This is a bug fix release so do not expect new features in it.

This release is mainly related to solve two bugs reported in the last months by many users:

  1. After an hard landing, the view rotation could not be reset to zero.
  2. The camera position could not be reset at startup on some airplanes.

Thanks to the guys of x737project who were the firsts to report these issues and test the fixes.

What’s next?

As I’ve stated some months ago, I’m working on two big projects. One of them is quite half way from its first release and, I must say, it looks very good. All that I can say is that it’s about fuel metering systems, big bore Continentals engines, spark plugs, engine starters, vacuum pumps and all the other things that “live” on a real plane. ;-)

Did I mention that I’m a real fan of A2A?

See you soon!

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A new HeadShake feature for fighter pilots

HeadShake v1.1 is out. It introduces a new feature called LookAhead.

It works by panning the view up when you’re pulling high Gs. This is useful if you want to avoid obstacles during low level flying, for example.

The LookAhead effect is completely customizable in the settings menu, just like any other feature of HeadShake.

Here is a video showing how LookAhead works with the A4 Skyhawk by Mid7night.

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Heading to the future

What’s next on SimCoders.com?

I’m working on two new projects. Both are huge so do not expect new releases soon.

I cannot spoil them now but I can say that they’re about system simulation in X-Plane. Both will be written in C++ and hardly tested before release.

Stay tuned because if I’ll have something interesting to show, I show it!

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Headshake v1.0 is out in time for Christmas

Marry Christmas to you all! This is my gift to the X-Plane worldwide community.

Finally, the stable version is out. There are few changes over the last version:

  • Multimonitor compatibility: The major change is the multimonitor compatibility checkbox. Enable it only if you find that in your multimonitor configuration the plugin is not working well. If you enable the checkbox, the camera’s roll is disabled and the projection on your multimonitor setup should then be ok.
  • Improved touchdown effect: The shake is now more realistic and the vibrations are more visibile when the plane touches down.

Many thanks to the italian X-Plane community (especially to Cekko, F-14D and Topo) for testing the plugin and giving many suggestions on how to realistically improve the simulation.


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