Piper Super Cub by ASD

The ASDG Piper Super Cub is natively powered by the Reality Expansion Pack. That is, it has all the well known features you’re used to:

  • Maintenance & failures system
  • Economic System fully compatible with FSEconomy
  • Towing
  • Custom sounds
  • 100% custom code-driven engine model (that entirely replaces the default engine)
  • Realistic flight dynamics
  • Custom Mass & Balance tool
  • Automatic engine startup procedure
  • Virtual kneeboard
  • VR Support

It comes in three individual models:

  • 150HP Titan™ X320 powered Super Cub with standard tires.
  • 150HP Titan™ X320 powered Super Cub with Tundra wheels.
  • 180HP Titan™ X340 Powered Super Cub + constant speed prop with Tundra wheels only.

The engine performance data is provided by Titan™ Engines by Continental.

Other features are:

  • Full 3D Landing gear animations
  • Flight Dynamics and ground handling designed to allow pilots to land off airfield!
  • Compare the flight differences between a constant speed propeller and a fixed pitch!
  • 4K Textures, full PBR and individual reflections inside the cockpit
  • 2 Included selectable cockpits for the 150HP Model.  These include a IFR rated panel and a standard bare bones VFR panel
  • High Definition CSL’s for online flying
  • More updates and additions to come in the future as X-Plane expands