REP binaries

This paragraph applies only to the Reality Expansion Pack and Headshake source codes. That is, this is related to the stuff over which we get our hands dirty.

The REP plugin is built to natively work with X-Plane 12 already. The packages released to date are properly working in X-Plane 12 Alpha when it comes to Simcoders’ source code.

There’s no upgrade fee required to date. Just install REP over X-Plane 12 as you did with previous sim versions and you should be fine. We’ll follow the release of the sim to iron out any incompatibility bug that may arise.

REP for the default planes

REP for the default planes (Cessna 172SP Skyhawk and Beechcraft B58 Baron) is already working with no upgrade fee required. That is, when X-Plane 12 will be ready, the current packages for the default planes will work out of the box.

REP for third-party planes

On many third-party planes supported by REP, the third-party source code is encrypted and we cannot change it. Therefore, please keep in mind  that REP may not be sufficient to enjoy the base plane in X-Plane 12. Some older planes may not work on X-Plane 12 and REP cannot always work around the original plane’s issues.

If a base plane doesn’t work in X-Plane 12 we’ll contact the author and see if he’s willing to port it to X-Plane 12. Depending on the amount of work required, we may publish a free update or a new REP package for the new base plane version. The latter case will require an upgrade fee.

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Does REP support X-Plane 12?