Software-related issue
If the nosewheel tiller is active in X-Plane, the toe brakes cannot provide steering.
Make sure the nosewheel tiller command is not active when using REP.

Hardware-related issue
If you change your hardware, X-Plane does not reset the hardware preferences by itself.
If you used to assign the toe brake axis to an older joystick/rudder pedals that you do not own anymore, you may find that REP is not able to recognize the correct toe brake axis in use.

Moreover, after an X-Plane update, the hardware data may cease to be provided to the plugins such REP.

To solve this problem follow this procedure:

  • Remove the preferences files of X-Plane (especially “X-Plane Calibration.prf”) from the Output/preferences folder.
  • Run X-Plane. It will reload the hardware.
  • Set the joystick axis assignments as you like

In case this should not work, you can disable the Advanced Nosewheel Steering feature from the REP’s settings window.

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