Razer Cortex Booster
This problem could be caused by using Booster software like Razer Cortex Booster that closes explorer.exe.

If explorer.exe is closed, X-Plane may behave in unknown ways. In this case, it will not provide the mouse events to REP, which, in turn, is unable to detect when the user clicks on the side menu bar.

X-Plane Bug XPD-9176
Another cause of this issue could be using X-Plane on a secondary monitor. On some systems, X-Plane does not forward the mouse and keyboard events to plugins’ windows when they are placed on a secondary monitor. We worked with Laminar in order to solve the problem but they were not able to reproduce it correctly on their system, therefore the bug was never fixed. It was filed as XPD-9176.
To solve the problem, make sure you’re running X-Plane on the monitor set as Main Monitor is Windows’ settings.

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Clicking the windows buttons do nothing